Well, it turns out that I'm a pretty mediocre writer who has a hard time getting excited about putting words to the page. I'm also a coach who advises people to stop doing things that make them feel mediocre. I also tell people to figure out what makes them happy and do more of that. So, plot twist! I'm making videos now!

Feelings for Mr. Ed

If you were standing in front of a line of horses and someone asked you which one you wanted to work with today, which one you wanted to ride, what would you say? Let’s say you know nothing about these horses. How would you decide which one to pick?

The Antithesis of Perfect

I think I picked up this habit from piano lessons, or at least it’s the first memory I have of experiencing perfectionism.  Somewhere amidst the years of scales and Beethoven, along with recitals for proud parents, came the notion that mistakes were simply bad.

Total Eclipse

After spending a long weekend in Wyoming to watch the total solar eclipse, I returned home knowing exactly what I do in the face of the miraculous.


Oh my God.

Wow. Oh my GOD.

OH my God.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Video Intro 101

So, hell yeah, I aim to help. And one way I can do it is to teach people how to get their voices out there. I want YOUR voice to be heard. I want you to speak bravely for kindness, equality, and love. I want you to share your story.


Oh my God I could never do that.


The thought of it makes me feel sick.


No way. Absolutely not.


You would think that these are responses to a question about adventure sports or something similar. You want to jump out of an airplane with me?


Nope. I’m talking about making videos for the web. Featuring you. Your thoughts. Your skills and creative ideas. Your business ideas.

Emotional Contagion

Emotional contagion. It’s the way emotions trigger similar emotions in people around them. It’s the reason that everyone around you suddenly gets grumpy when you come into work late and irritated.   It’s also the reason that when one dog barks, every other dog in the vicinity barks wildly, too. I’m barking! He’s barking! We’re all barking! We have a tendency to mimic the facial expressions and emotional states of those around us. And it happens quickly. It’s been called instinctual. Humans do this along with other primates and dogs.

Delight in Faith and Benedict Cumberbatch

Let’s talk faith.


I used to pray to an all knowing, separate God. I used to ask for things, beg for things, thank him for things. Now, my evolving relationship with God, Universe, Soul, Higher Power includes a healthy dose of humor and personal responsibility.

Making a Vlog is a Terrifying Slog

I often tell people that following their path requires that they step into a potent concoction of fear and excitement- again and again. So, I thought that I should take a dose of my own medicine. And for me, today, it means making a vlog introducing myself to new people. Today, I begin to speak my message as well as write about it. And it's downright terrifying. 

A Humble and Sweaty Beginning to Self-Awareness

I left hip opening classes worn out to a kind of extreme calm. I used to stumble out of yoga with wobbly legs, a voice that was a full octave lower than my usual tone, and a kind of drunk presence that fully appreciated and was gob-smacked by the beauty of the setting sun.

It was a humble and sweaty beginning to self-awareness.