I Am Amazed

I Am Amazed

I was having trouble writing this morning, so I went on with my normal routine hoping the inspiration would strike. I took my dog for a walk, connected with my coaching buddies, ate some breakfast, and then returned to a note I wrote myself in 2016 about why I wanted to start a blog.  


"This is about ME putting these tools to use. It’s about integrating tough experiences. It’s 'therapeutic and it gives me a chance to stand in solidarity with others who suffer and let them know they’re not alone.' (Parker Palmer) It’s NOT about marketing. It’s not advice giving. It’s sharing. It’s not HOW TO… It’s not an introduction to coaching tools.  It’s about sharing MY story and lessons. BLOG ABOUT SHIT YOU ARE AMAZED BY AND LOVE. BLOG ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU. BLOG TO HELP PEOPLE. SHARE YOUR FAULTS. BE HONEST & HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR ABOUT IT."


So… with that reminder…

SHIT I AM AMAZED BY, in no particular order:


1.     My group of fellow compatriots who keep me inspired and moving ahead. I am gob smacked that in this huge world, I lucked into the group I have right now. They keep me laughing and learning. Just this morning they kept me from comparing myself to anyone else.

2.     Nature. Foggy days where the clouds seem to hang just above the trees. Full moons and sunsets. Thunderstorms.  The way lightening and thunder can take out your electricity and remind you that there’s no foolin’ Mother Nature.  Cool, wet days in August. Warm days in January.

3.     My parade of usual fears and their tenacity. You’d think they’d get tired and bother someone else, but they don’t.

4.     My family. My family. My family.

5.     How quickly a day goes by.

6.     How useful the term creative ambiguity is.

7.     People. How my brother-in-law seems to enjoy the process of buying a car. That someone, somewhere, actually loves doing taxes. How nasty people can be. How forgiving people can be. How understanding people can be.

8.     Midlife change. How completely my life and interests have changed in the last 2 years. How quickly hair turns grey. How things that used to be so important aren’t any more. And how I have so completely shifted in each decade of my life. I’m the same and yet I’m not. I’m more.

9.     Fake news

10.   Faith

11.    How perfectly I have been cared for my entire life, under every circumstance.

12.   Generosity. The more generous I am, the more abundant my life becomes. And how easy it is to forget this.

13.   Trump.

14.   Creativity. How hard it is to write a blog post sometimes. How creative ventures always fall to the bottom of my list.

15.   How unlovingly I can treat myself.

16.   How being single at age 46 can feel lonely and fortunate all at once.

17.    The amount of time that can be lost to Facebook.

18.    How quickly one person can diffuse a conflict.

19.    Smart phones. Crock pots. Down jackets. Hospice nurses. Dog trainers. Paleo brownies. Dairy free cheese. Used car salesmen. 

20.   Music and movies. 

21.   The power of attention. The power of presence and patience.

Follow your bliss

Follow your bliss

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