Delight in Faith and Benedict Cumberbatch

Delight in Faith and Benedict Cumberbatch

Let’s talk faith.


I used to pray to an all knowing, separate God. I used to ask for things, beg for things, thank him for things. Now, my evolving relationship with God, Universe, Soul, Higher Power includes a healthy dose of humor and personal responsibility.


Because there have been several times in my life when I’ve asked God to show up for me, to prove Himself, and He’s come through with flying colors. It usually happens when I am oddly excited about an opportunity that I have a weird, wild joyful interest in, but I have no idea how I could possibly do that thing. I reach out and ask for a deal, or say prove yourself, and amazingly, Universe does. It makes my hair stand on end every time it happens.


Not too long ago, I was trying to sell a house in order to return to my home state, that only thing I knew I needed to do next. The house hadn’t seen much interest, wasn’t selling and I was feeling pretty stuck. I knew a change needed to happen, but I couldn’t make anyone buy the darn thing.


I was also reading a lot of Martha Beck at the time and learned about her life coaching program. I read about the classes, loved what I saw but looked at the price tag and thought well hell no, there’s no way. It was priced waaaaay outside my financial means. I wanted to take the class but there was simply no way to make it happen.


So, I sat down one morning to breathe deeply, to pray, and I made a deal with God that went something like this hey God- it feels like I’m supposed to take this class and I’d really like to, but I don’t have the money for it and I don’t even see a way to get that money except by selling this house. If you can sell this house by August 30th, if I can get a check by that date, I promise I will sign up for that class before the closing date of September 1st.


It seemed ridiculous to ask for such a thing. Only 1 lowball offer had come in for the house in the previous 8 months. I had declined it, and not many others had looked at the house. But yes, you can guess what happened. A full price offer came in a few days later and we closed on August 25th. Suddenly, I had money in hand. The Universe had completed its part of the bargain, so I signed up for the class. And it felt like cliff diving. Like I was making a mad leap into the unknown. Exhilarating. Exciting. Scary. No turning back.


I asked for help, and help arrived. Not just any help, but financial help by X date. It was very specific. It still gives me goosebumps to think about it.


I did something similar with whales, which you can read about here. I asked for random help for something that delighted me and received it.


It’s as if I’m building evidence that yes, the Universe is there, and it’s listening and it will meet my needs if I approach it in the right way. If I ask for help from a place of need or desperation, from a mental prison of fear and anxiety, it doesn’t seem to respond. But, if I can reach out from a place of curiosity and delight, here’s what I really want and I have no idea how to make this happen but you do, and if I am truly seeking something that connects with my soul, then it works.


I have to know myself well enough to know what connects to my own soul path, or maybe a better way to say it is that I must be connected to my own soul enough for God to reach through and connect with me. Spirit waits for me to open a channel to it. It waits for me to get on the right frequency, and only then can it reach me.


But man, when I can arrive at that frequency- it is pure magic.


I believe that Spirit is always there, waiting for me to drop the mental barriers and welcome it home. I believe that Spirit waits for me, never leading me, never forcing. Never getting in my way. Giving me absolute freedom to turn away from it or forget about it. Waiting for me to remember. Waiting for me to connect. Waiting for me to open the door and hold out my hand. And, when I turn in a direction of my soul’s path and I’m open, there is always elation.


I keep thinking about that movie Moana. It’s as if Spirit is the ocean. I’m always gliding on it, feeling a desire for it and it is always there to help, but only if I take the first steps myself. It helps, provides, moves me to new islands, sometimes through storms that I don’t like at all. It’s a constant presence, but it’s my responsibility and absolute joy to learn to navigate upon it. To know how to feel the warmth of the current and follow.


So, now I spent more time connecting my myself, and I put out requests for things that purely delight me. When I meet Benedict Cumberbatch someday and he reaches to shake my hand, I’ll hop from foot to foot in pure glee and say thank you Universe for hearing my call. I knew you could do it. I knew we both could do it.

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