Video Intro 101

Video Intro 101


A few weeks ago, I had this idea to make my first product to sell. I’ll teach people how to make videos for their websites, I thought. I’ll weave a little self confidence juju in there and see if I can figure out how to sell something I know- how to make a video.


The trouble is, I realize now that I’ve been living in my little bubble of white privilege, and I’m so angry at what I’m seeing on the news lately - hatred, bigotry, sexism, classism, fake news. I’m troubled at my own ignorance about such issues. I grew up thinking that it was enough to treat people fairly, to believe that we’re all created equal. But our political climate makes me realize that I’m really late to this fight. I should have been involved a long time ago.


So, hell yeah, I aim to help. And one way I can do it is to teach people how to get their voices out there. I want YOUR voice to be heard. I want you to speak bravely for kindness, equality, and love. I want you to share your story.


More on this later, but for now...


I’m giving away what I’ve made over the past 2 weeks. I’ll post a 23 minute video that shows you how to make an introductory video for your website. Please feel free to share it with anyone who might need the help.


Though some people have been making video featuring themselves for a long time, others are totally freaked out by the idea. This how-to video is for you if you


·      are wondering about the benefits of posting a video on your website,

·      are clueless about video making technology,

·      are scared. You’ve never made a video before. Or you’ve made one and it looks/sounds terrible.

·      want someone to guide you through how to make a 2 minute introductory video, step by step.


Making video gets a lot easier once you jump the hurdle of making your first one. So here’s my gift to all the beginners out there.


Let your voice be heard.


We need you.


I will embed the video to my freebies page next week, along with more technical information. But I wanted to get the word out now, mainly because I want to DO SOMETHING to combat hate today.

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