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Feelings for Mr. Ed

If you were standing in front of a line of horses and someone asked you which one you wanted to work with today, which one you wanted to ride, what would you say? Let’s say you know nothing about these horses. How would you decide which one to pick?

Making a Vlog is a Terrifying Slog

I often tell people that following their path requires that they step into a potent concoction of fear and excitement- again and again. So, I thought that I should take a dose of my own medicine. And for me, today, it means making a vlog introducing myself to new people. Today, I begin to speak my message as well as write about it. And it's downright terrifying. 

When I Didn't Listen to My Own Intuition

When will I trust that little voice in my head? The one that knows things before I do.

When will I stop trying to make sense of the red flags I receive and just act on them without hesitation?

You’d think that someone who makes part of her living teaching others to listen to their inner wisdom would always listen to her own. But, alas. I have a nasty habit of wanting to make perfect sense of what I’m sensing, and that doesn’t always help.

What Gets in the Way of Intuition

If intuition is “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning,” let’s talk about what gets in its way.

Why is it so many of us don’t seem to have intuition or don’t rely on it?

Learning about my own integrity

I remember saying over and over again, my God, he has no integrity! None!

Now, years later, I know that any negative thought I have about anyone else is a ready-made piece of advice for me. So, in this instance, I look at moments when I'm out of integrity.

A Whale of a Teacher

It’s a big concept that demands faith- to feel one’s way forward and know that God/Universe will bring you something that meets, no- exceeds, your dreams.

I’ve heard the success story so often that it’s hard to deny. “I dreamed this, and it came true.”  I’ve also experienced that success story myself. Several times.  And yet, I still battle with fear and doubt. “Really? HOW will this work,” I think.

My Story

I knew something was off, but I couldn’t identify it. It felt like my 15-year relationship was spinning around, discussions replaying like a broken record, patterns repeating again and again.