Deep Dive Into Intuition

January, 2018

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deep dive into intuition                 january, 2018

You are strong, wild, & free spirited but suddenly find yourself feeling flat, small, confused, exhausted, powerless, or unappreciated. Life as you knew it changed, & you’re starting over. You really wish someone would just tell you what to do next. You don’t remember what you love, you’re terrified of making mistakes, & all your plans are shot to hell.

Or perhaps you are a seeker of wisdom & curious about what information could be gained from your own body. A change in your future is coming, & you want to know more about  meditation, manifestation, creativity, or energy work, without all the super woo-woo stuff, please. You are happy now but wondering about what’s to come in a job change, in retirement, an empty nest, or as a newly single person.

At the end of the day you want:   

* to know more about yourself

* to understand your own body of wisdom, your intuition

* to know what it feels like to be on the right track

* to feel more vitality & love

If this sounds like you, Deep Dive Into Intuition can help. You are smart & capable, & with the right tools, you can solve any problem that comes your way. The tools from Deep Deep Into Intuition will connect you with that all-knowing part of yourself that knows what to do next.

When: It kicks off January 1, 2018 (Registration open through December 31st. For only 30 people. Register now to save your spot.)

What: An activity + video every Monday - Friday through the month of January

Who: You, please!

Cost: It's only $99 

Includes: 23 videos, 23 activities, 2 live Q&A calls with me. All activities should take less than 15 minutes/day. Of course, you can spend more time on them if you wish!

Purpose: I’ll share my personal stories & 23+ tips & tools for connecting with your intuition. Try them out daily as we move through the month or collect a mini library to refer back to in the future. I want you to know the wealth of information that lives in your tissues. I want you to know the wisdom of your body & have the courage to follow it. 

By the end of Deep Dive into Intuition, you will have:

* greater awareness of and appreciation for your body & what it can teach you

* expanded awareness of your mind & emotions

* ideas for a daily practice to support you & your desires

* 23 activities/tools to help you connect to your intuition 

* 2 live Q&A sessions with me 

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