Me: a former intuition idiot & survivor of major life change

You:  someone struggling with midlife change or curious about intuition


I help men & women move through midlife me a midlife maven.


Your intuition leads the way to true confidence and power.


Life Coaching

 I'm a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach. There are LOTS of life coaches out there - executive coaches, relationship coaches, business coaches, parent coaches. They all ROCK in their own way.

I'm your gal if you're in midlife change and you don't know what to do. I'm your gal if you have no idea what intuition is or how to find it. I'm your gal if you're curious about your body and what it can teach you about inner life.

I can help you unlock the knowledge of your body and entire brain with life coaching tools. They allow the deepest, wisest part of yourself to bubble to the surface, and that wisest part knows best. 





As Martha Beck says, life coaching is help for the worried well. A life coach is like an athletic coach, someone who helps you up your game and improve your skill level. A life coach is NOT a psychotherapist, counselor, advisor or mentor.  We're more like dynamite listeners and good question-askers.