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Self Confidence 101



Grow your confidence with me. 

If you follow through with this practice, just a few minutes/day for a month, you will begin to shift your beliefs & thought patterns around self confidence.

You’ll begin to:

  • Feel more worth,
  • Invest in your own self care,
  • Reach out & strengthen bonds of friendship with those around you,
  • Build a stronger sense of gratitude,
  • Rewrite your story, claiming meaning for yourself.


I’m a coach because of a major midlife change & a broken heart. I went from feeling like I was succeeding (but just hanging on),  to feeling like I was ugly, unworthy, & the very reason why a long term relationship fell apart. It took practice, but now, at age 47, I’m finally feeling like my confident self again -worthy of the best life has to offer. Some of the tools I used to find my self-confidence again, befriend my anger, & rewrite my story are in this workbook. 


The 13 pages in this digital workbook are filled with the simplest & most practical exercises that helped me rebuild my self-confidence, including brainstorming, list-making, journaling, gathering information from friends, & gratitude exercises.


In addition to exercises in the PDF digital worksheet, I've created 3 original guided meditations of various lengths (6, 8, and 12 minutes) to help you:

  • breathe deeper & connect with yourself,
  • appreciate yourself,
  • feel & strengthen love & kindness in your own body,
  • identify abundance, generosity & ease in your life.

You can download the files as mp3s & listen to them anytime, as often as you wish.

Spend 5 -15 minutes/day investing in simple exercises to shift your self-confidence. 

Think of this workbook as a suggestion guide. You are smart & capable. You happen to be in a self-confidence slump, that’s all. You need a little help, so here it is at an affordable price.

Invest in yourself.


After purchase, you'll be immediately redirected to a page where you can download the workbook & audio files.