I believe in stories. Live stories. Stories around a camp fire. Video stories. Game of Thrones. The Moth. I believe that stories are powerful, and wisdom can be learned through them.

And, I know that businesses do better when they make good use of story.

In my perfect little world, folks would record stories to share with family members, friends, and clients. They'd share their life lessons, business goals, or share their history. They'd share mistakes they made or dreams of their future. Video is an underused tool to build trust, share wisdom, educate, and grow an organization. 


Video Intro 101

Never made a video before? Scared to try? Think you'll look ridiculous? 

You're in the right place.

I've thought all those things, sprinkled with a good dose of who am I to look like an expert? People will make fun of me! I can't do this alone! Or my personal favorite, nobody wants to see ugly ol' me online. I hate the fact that I even think that.

To be frank, the world needs to see you. And me. The world needs us both to be big and bold.  Visible and proud. Authentic and courageous.

And video is a great way to practice those skills.


Video Series

This video series is meant to help anyone who wants to make a video and put it online. I realize some people have been making video and sharing their clips online for years. If that's you, skip right over this page. This is for the rest of us- those who are scared to do it, who don't know where to start, who get overwhelmed with technology, or who think that big bucks are required.

Making video is super easy. Really

I step you through the entire process of making an introductory video for your website. Making an introductory video is a bite sized project that is simple to complete and can yield big results. Once you master how to make an introductory video, you can move to bigger projects because you'll feel comfortable with the basic tools.


There are 5 videos below:

  1. Introduction and Why

  2. What to Say

  3. Tools Needed

  4. Self Confidence

  5. Editing and Sharing


There is also a downloadable pdf here for anyone who likes to see some of this information written out.

Enjoy! Happy video making!


PS   Technology changes FAST, as do websites. Please let me know asap if any link doesn’t work or if your technology isn’t working for you.


Part 1

In this video, I introduce myself and give you an overview of all the videos below. I also cover why you would want to make a video introduction for a website. There are real benefits! 3:24 total


Part 2

Here's what you need to say in an introductory video. 1:37 total


Part 3

The nitty gritty. What tools do you need to make a video? 5:20

Part 4

Let's talk about you, the finer points of making video and self confidence. 4:08

Part 5

Editing and sharing with the world. 8:43

This one gets a bit technical. Some helpful links:

Transferring from iphone to mac:

  1. Using Image Capture  https://youtu.be/OrDP9I3l-n8

       2.  Four ways to import from iphone https://youtu.be/lQqYi8-5oYc

Transferring from android to PC 


How to upload videos to youtube.com


How to get the youtube embed code



I was wrong about Vimeo!! The 5 GB upload/week plan now costs $7-12/month, but there is still a free option with 500 MB limit per week. Try it out to see if it works for you.

How to upload to vimeo


How to get the vimeo embed code


How to add video to Squarespace websites